Martin Sullivan

I was born in 1963 in Luzern, and since my 18th year of life, I've been devoted to art. As an artist, illustrator, stage designer, designer, and illustrator, I've worked in various creative fields. Many of my works were created on commission, but it has always been important to me to develop my own artistic vision.

My education at the school of art in Bern opened up the world of art techniques, historical knowledge, and contemporary art. 

A significant mentor and good friend in my life was HR Giger, an Oscar winner and a significant artistic influencer of the present. Through our collaboration, I discovered new dimensions in art. Giger himself was mentored by Salvador Dali, and I feel honored to carry that legacy within me.

In 1998, I moved to Charleston, SC, with my family for about three years. Realism has always been more popularly represented in the USA. The influence of that time, shaped by galleries, art enthusiasts, exhibitions, and newly acquired knowledge, significantly influenced my art. 

Photorealism/Hyperrealism, a fascinating art form, is often misunderstood. This direction is often reduced to technique and precision. However, like in any visual art form, my goal is to communicate, provoke, and visualize. The spark of inspiration is always the starting point. Similar to expressionism and impressionism, I draw inspiration from dreams, the environment, conversations, and thoughts.

The execution in the form of photorealistic painting, however, requires years of experience in painting and an extraordinary understanding of light and shadow, dimensions, and perspective. It also requires patience, spending weeks or even months on a single work. My photorealism does not simply involve reproducing a photo but representing content in a photorealistic manner.

The viewer is drawn into the fascination of the artwork, whether through its content value or the meticulous details and interplay of light and shadow. 

Martin Sullivan


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